Hello there!

I’m Michelle, a California girl with a bright smile and playful nature. I’m so pleased you’ve arrived. An experience in itself, this is where you’ll learn more about me and the endless possibilities for our adventure, get a glimpse of my long legs that go on for miles, and pleasantly daydream before getting in touch with me. You might be entranced by all of the visual delights, but I assure you, the virtual introduction is only the beginning.

If you’re in search of unmatched independent companionship, you’ve come to the right place. Please take your time exploring and hopefully I’ll meet you very soon.







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In an ideal world, you’d be able to take in the sunshine every day, and relax with the prettiest girl on the beach with nothing but ease. Escaping with me is the perfect way to create that little fantasy. My refreshing companionship and playful personality will allow you to indulge in all the leisure you can handle. You’ll find that I’m quick to laugh, always thoughtful, and very considerate. I have a Southern California style that doesn’t make way for pretension. While I love getting dressed up in sheer elegance when the occasion presents itself, I tend to stick to a cute sundress or a pair of jeans.

You might think of me as an All-Natural girl who can gracefully transform into a glamorous date at a sophisticated affair, or the perfect corporate date for your business functions. But when we retreat to privacy, you’ll have the visual treat of seeing me in the most sensual silk and lace lingerie. My lingerie drawer is filled with sultry collections from Agent Provocateur and La Perla, and I would just love to wear something special just for you! Ensembles trimmed in lace adorning my body will have you whistling to the tune of ‘Michelle my Belle’ with an excited grin. I love the Beatles, don’t you?

My youthful glow and golden tresses give me the girl-next-door appeal, while my firm, taut body and feminine curves exude sensuality. Those who sing my praises describe me as “An enticing combination of a sweet, fresh faced beauty with a mischievous smile and unquenchable thirst for passion. What any man can only dream of.” Do not be fooled by my lady-like appearance in public, as you will soon discover that there is a tigress that is waiting to be unleashed while we are behind closed doors.

Beyond the fantasy, I’m a laid-back, easy-going young woman. I’m very much an outdoor lover – I participate in triathlons whenever I can, on a Sunday morning you’ll probably find me hiking in the mountains nearby, and playing volleyball on the beach is one of my favorite Saturday pastimes. I also have a true appreciation for architecture and beautiful photography. I have a thirst for knowledge and new adventures. If there’s something you have always wanted to try that you’d like to share with me, I’m sure I’d be thrilled to join you. I’m happiest knowing that a wonderful experience is just around the corner.

I can’t wait to be in your company! 



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Appointment Requests:

If you are uncomfortable submitting your information via the  SSL - Secure Screening form, you are welcome to email me this information at Michelle@OhMichelleBelle.com

About Our Adventure

A delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant, a meeting of the minds by way of intimate conversation, sand between our toes during a day at the beach – wherever our adventure takes us, you’ll be in for an incredible time.

If you’re a true epicurean gentleman, a dinner date is just what we need for a spectacular and genuine connection. I love fresh, healthy Southern California dishes-when I feel like indulging, Italian and French cuisine are some of my favorites. How about yours? But, we don’t have to limit ourselves to dining, if you’re interested in something a little different. Our options are endless. My favorite dates are those that challenge me to do something new or out of the ordinary – horseback riding, competitive games for fun, food tours.

But of course, I don’t expect you to come up with an itinerary of unique things to do! That’s where my creative mind comes in. And if the thought of doing anything terribly ambitious with a beautiful woman doesn’t excite you, then chilled wine, an utterly perfect ambience accented with candles and smooth melancholy music, and complete relaxation is calling your name.

My main desire is to have you smiling and utterly captivated from the moment we meet until our bittersweet farewell. I’d love to get to know you intimately, so that I can create the type of adventure you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll have the ability to develop our unique chemistry one unforgettable moment at a time. Dinner dates and extended engagements are preferred, as spending more time together will allow us to forge a deeper connection. An hour is simply not enough time and is far too rushed.

Although, I do understand that a restricting schedule might not allow you to dedicate as much time to pleasure as you’d like. I have a couple of options for meeting for two or three hours as an alternative until you’re able to slip away as you truly deserve. Whether you’re in search of a lovely young lady to accompany you to dinner, desire passionate intimacy with an attentive partner, or hope to discover something new, our time together will be tailored to your desires and a truly unforgettable experience. 


I’m an easy going girl who likes to have a good time. I am an independent companion and I thus carefully select my suitors each month. Companionship provides me with an escape from my busy career, just like you. Who wouldn’t want the passion and excitement that this secret world brings? But, the main elements that make our time so amazing are built on the foundation of discretion, simplicity, and drama-free interaction. By both of us maintaining this foundation, we’ll enjoy blissful encounters. This realm is much better than having to deal with the fuss of traditional relationships, I’m sure you would agree.

I enjoy meeting discerning and accomplished gentlemen who are polite, kindhearted, and understand the need for privacy. Think of time with me as a safe haven, where you can share anything with me without fear of judgment or me telling anyone your secrets. Everything that you share with me will be in confidence. As a UTR thoughtful companion, I hold my reputation and our friendship to the highest standard. I would never do anything to tarnish that. Secrecy and confidentiality are crucial.

You must also know that my philosophy extends beyond professionalism. On a personal note, I believe that there is a fire lurking in everyone, just waiting to ignite. I hope to bring that out in the gentleman who may have forgotten that it’s there. It’s important to live your life with an equal balance of work and play, business and pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with finding your life slightly out of balance, I just hope that when we meet, you’ll be inspired to adjust and live with more delight and joy. The passion that I ignite in you will create long-lasting memories that will put a smile on your face each time that you reminisce of our dates. 


I hope that I have painted a pretty good picture of what our time together might be like. Please consider that when deciding on how much time you’d like to spend with me. I only have a few opportunities each month to play, but I genuinely hope to meet you soon.

Introduction ~ 2 hours: 1,800
This is reserved for gentlemen who have limited time for pleasure. An impossibly busy work schedule can only leave you with a couple of hours to spare. You may as well use it wisely with a gorgeous beach bunny at your side.

A Little Longer ~ 3 hours ~ 2,600
This is my ideal date for a first date for the gentleman that is not able to get a way for a leisurely dinner date. We can begin by meeting for cocktails or lunch and then retreat to our romantic hideaway.

A Dinner Escape ~ 4 hours ~ 3,200
Indulge in delectable dishes while we dine at a restaurant of your choosing. There’s no need to dine alone when you can arrange a time for me to accompany you. Bring on the wine, fine scotch, and good food. A passionate getaway to follow after we wet our appetites and our senses…

An Extended Evening ~ 6 hours ~ 4,200
You and I can slip away for an evening or extended afternoon of adventurous mischief or casual leisure. This is great for gentlemen who have extra time to take a break from the chaos of life and simply enjoy a date with a lovely and vivacious companion. A great way to see a play or an art exhibit followed by a decadent meal and to truly built genuine connection with your dream girl.

A Sleepover ~ 12 hours ~ 6,200
Waking up to a beautiful young woman is every man’s fantasy. We’ll get to enjoy the evening without having to think about time until we rise in the morning. A fun night out that is full of passion and intimacy followed by restful night sleep, and a morning delight.

An Epicurean Sleepover ~ 16 hours ~ 7,200
All the incredible elements of my overnight package above, but with the addition of sweet or savory breakfast… (This could be read as food or something else LOL). And who wouldn’t want 4 extra hours to be in the company of a captivating and attentive partner?

24 hour Delight ~ 8,400
Sun up to sun down, and all over again. This is the ideal option for you if you want to truly indulge. I can plan our time together with a selection of exciting things for you to choose from (like hiking or sailing) or we can let serendipity be our guides. If 24 hours just not enough, let’s plan for additional days of fun!

Weekend Getaway ~ 12,00 to 14,00 depending on the length of our getaway
Longer Holidays ~ please inquire


Rates are for my time and companionship only and are completely non-negotiable. Remember quality time is of the highest value. 


All appointments cancelled between 12 and 72 hours of the planned engagement will incur a 50% cancellation fee.  All appointments cancelled within 12 hours of our scheduled appointment will incur a 75% cancellation fee. Please be respectful of my time. 


Menage A Trois

Well Hello there adventurous lover!

Perhaps you are craving something a little more extraordinary and exciting? Have you been searching for two very bi girlfriends that are ready to spoil you like you have never experienced before? If the answer is Yes, then you have come to the right place.

My girlfriend and I are two gorgeous, playful and articulate beach bunnies. You have been drooling over us while we are playing volleyball in our skimpy bikinis on the beach or have seen us sharing ice cream at your local ice cream parlor smiling and giggling and wondered what it would be like to spend those precious moments with two such gorgeous creatures.

This is your chance! We promise you will not want the date to end and will daydream of the tryst as one of your top experiences. We love to explore our very natural, sensual and bi tendencies and play with the generous gentleman that is seeking that very memorable and discreet ménage a trois experience. We eagerly anticipate meeting you hopefully very, vey soon!

We want to share a very unrushed, satisfying and sensual date with you. Below is the gift structure for our time and exceptional companionship.


Introduction Dates with Two Stunning Beauties:

Hour and a half Sensual Encounter ~ 2,700

Two hour Intimate Tryst ~ 3,300

Three hour Ultimate Escape ~ 4,600


Dinner dates and out-about-town dates:

Four hour Dinner for Three ~ 5,700

Six hour Extended Dinner Fantasy ~ 7,200


Luxurious Sleepover:

12 hours ~ 12,000

17 hours ~ 14,000


Weekend for Three:

48 hours of Ecstasy ~ 20,000



You’re a curious couple that is excited, but nervous about including a third partner.
It sounds intimidating, as you have an idea of what to expect, but not entirely sure because it’s something completely new. Or maybe you’re a couple that is experienced in the art of the ménage à trios, and can’t wait for your next adventure. Either way, I would love to explore with you.

I created a separate page for you two, just so that you know how much I enjoy the company of a pair of adventurous lovers. I take time to make sure that both partners are equally comfortable and satisfied during our time together. Although I have to admit, I especially enjoy women who are open to different things, so she might get a lot of the attention ;) We can sit him down and allow his voyeuristic tendencies to prevail, she can soak in the gentle feminine touch that she’s been craving, or it can be a total whirlwind of lust with no rules. Just let me know what you two are looking for, and I would be happy to play along.

Personally, I enjoy leisure evenings and traveling with a couple.
The buildup of excitement is that much more explosive for the three of us. We can go out for a stimulating evening of wine and oysters, or partake in debauchery at a swinger’s event. Slightly wild romance or utterly intense fun. Both sound like excellent options.

Couples, please add an additional $200 to your selected consideration package. 



Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a very private person. Do you really need the screening information before we meet?
Absolutely. Safety and discretion are my top priorities. Screening allows me to feel comfortable before we meet, and I will never compromise my safety. Please understand that I have no interest in jeopardizing any aspect of your personal life and request your information for screening purposes only. I am very private person myself and thus I truly take extra precautions to ensure that what is shared with me will not be disclosed to third parties. I am not one to gossip or be amongst drama and your privacy and the details of our rendezvous will not leave our circle of trust. I am very professional companion and I have my own solid reputation to uphold as well! I am discreet to a fault and you are in safe hands. Please understand that if you are not able to provide the required screening information, then sadly I will not be able to meet you.

Are your photos really you? Can you send me unblurred photos?
Yes! I take the time to do frequent photo shoots and thus what you see is what you will be greeted by when we meet. I am always told that I look even better in person and I am certain that my beautiful face and sensational organic body will not disappoint you. Since I enjoy dinner dates and weekend excursions with my gentlemen friends and wonderful couples, I am not able to send you unblurred photos for privacy reasons. I do not wish to be recognized while we are out and about enjoying our private dates and for this reason I will not send pictures that could potentially jeopardize my privacy.

I have sent you an email and I have not heard back, why?
This is most likely due to the fact that you have not invested the time into browsing my website fully and emailed me in haste asking for a last minute date or asking questions that have been answered here on my site. I enjoy planning a rendezvous with someone that respects my time as much as I respect his or her time. I thus reply to serious inquiries only. Please note that emails with explicit language that is graphic in nature will be ignored as well.

I have found similar writing elsewhere. Did you write your own website content?
Quite certainly yes! I have taken much time and much thought to allow you to get to know me virtually first through my website before taking the plunge, so to speak to book our date. I want you to feel comfortable that you are booking a date with a genuine and sincere person and I cringe when other ladies copy my text in hopes of depicting themselves as sophisticated and are simply doing the old “bait and switch” to try to entice the gentlemen with a copied text. And when you meet such a lady you are utterly dumbfounded that such a lady can barely string a sentence together and that you just wasted your time and energy on such a meeting. So Yes! My website and ad content is written by me and I am a hot and steamy package much better live in flesh, sitting across from you! Please email me if you come across my text elsewhere.

Why are your rates higher than most?
I am a low-volume Independent  Companion who values quality over quantity. As a UTR Companion, I provide quality time for the gentleman who is looking for the same thing. My rates reflect the amount of genuineness and sincerity that goes into each date. Please don’t embarrass yourself by asking for a discount. I will not compromise on my consideration.

When will you be visiting my city?
When you invite me, of course! Unfortunately, I do not tour in the traditional sense. I occasionally travel in my personal life, but never meet special friends during those trips. I prefer the invitation of a gentleman, the preparation of an exclusive jaunt, and visiting a city knowing that I’m with one lover. Much better of a scenario to anticipate and all of my attention will be on you.

I don’t have a hotel. Can you provide an incall location?
My personal preference is to come to you (outcall). I enjoy being in a gentleman’s domain, even if temporary. But if you’d rather I host, I am able to provide an incall location at a luxury private Brentwood condominium. My secret spot is immaculately clean and I ask that you would add an extra $150 with your selected consideration package, and I will arrange this in advance.

Can I call you?
Unfortunately, I am not available to talk over the phone and I prefer email for our communication. My career outside of this keeps me busy, and I find phone calls a bit intrusive and ineffective when it comes to trying to set up dates. Phone tagging is quite a nuisance. I am an independent companion and thus I answer all my emails personally and conduct my own screening Please be respectful of my need to limit my communication to email. Once we meet I am sure we will have a magical time together and you will understand why I am a rare luxury companion.

I had such an incredible time with you. May I please write a review?
Yes! But, I only accept classy reviews. It’s important that any intimate details are outweighed by the overall fun you had, how much you enjoyed my company, and any other tasteful aspects you’d like to include. Please do let me know though, as I do not like surprises when it comes to this subject. If you plan on reading reviews before we meet, remember that each connection is unique and chemistry varies between two people, so it’s best to make your own judgments.

What will you wear to our date? Can I request an outfit?
I will be dressed in something that suites the occasion. As a beach bunny, I love sundresses and cute casual clothes, but I always look polished and pretty. You will not find me with excessive makeup nor will I drench myself in perfume in preparation for our date. But, you can certainly request an outfit of your choice. I would be happy to dress up for you! We can even go on a fun shopping trip on our date if you’d like to pick something out and have me model it for you.

Can you stay longer than the time I booked with you? I just want to hang out or watch a movie with you.
It’s flattering that you enjoy my company so much. But, I suggest booking a longer date from the beginning to avoid disappointment. Please don’t assume that my schedule is open or flexible. I guarantee our time will fly, so please be prepared! Sadly I am not able to spend time with you that cannot be compensated. Please respect this and we will get along famously.

We get along so well, don’t you think I should get a discount?
You’re clever, I’m sure that line will work somewhere. But, there is no nickel-and-diming with me. It’s wonderful that we get along so well, and you should see this as more valuable than a need for my time to be discounted. That includes the lines of “its my birthday” or “ I want to become your regular,” please understand that I value my time just as much as you do. A true and sincere connection does not get discounted.

What do I do if I run into you outside of this?
Absolutely nothing. Please do not acknowledge me in public or come up to me to say hello. I prefer to pass one another as strangers outside of this sensitive no-strings-attached dating and thus I will not stare at you or wave to say hello, so please be respectful of my boundaries as well and do not put me in an awkward situation. What ever is shared between us will remain as a delicious memory to be savored and our own special secret.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
No, I certainly don’t! My body is all natural without a single marking. No tattoos, piercings, or implants of any kind. I take great care of myself physically and otherwise. There is some beautiful artwork out there, but I prefer to remain natural and unaltered.

Do you smoke?
I do not smoke at all. As stated above, I take care of myself and try my best to maintain good health and sparkly white teeth LOL. I don’t judge others that choose to smoke, but if you do, please use mouthwash or a breath mint before meeting me. I’d like to meet a fresh-smelling gentleman.

Do you enjoy this?
Thank you for being so very considerate and asking me if I truly enjoy dating men and ladies in this delicate and sensitive dating world. The answer is…Drumroll please…YES and unequivocally affirmative! This allows me to meet the kind of men/women/couples that I drool after in real life. Smart, distinguished, accomplished, well-traveled etcetera, etcetera. Yet we can have all the fun, minus any drama or complications that come along with a traditional relationship. So yes, you have found a smart, beautiful and independent companion that is searching for the same thing you are, fun and no-strings attached adventure.

If you still have any lingering questions that my FAQ hasn’t answered, feel free to ask. 


I don’t have a list of rules for you to abide by – we’re simply planning to enjoy one another’s company. But, there are a few things to know in advance that will make our time together more enjoyable.

Select which section applies to you so that you can prepare for our date accordingly.

I’ve never done this before.

  • The first thing you should remember is: don’t be nervous! I’m a person just like you, and I will do my best to make sure you feel comfortable with me at all times. I know even in person it can be daunting to approach a woman who catches your eye. But, this is the best way to date if you’re looking for commitment-free companionship. I promise. I am very newbie friendly and here are a few tips:
  • Introduce yourself via my booking form or email politely (and romantically if you feel so inclined). First impressions are paramount and I will probably instantly like you if you’re sweet to me.
  • Please plan ahead for our date together. Screening does take time and rearranging the calendar is not as easy as one might think, so please give me ample time for our rendezvous.
  • Please do not email asking about specifics of our date. Remember I am a companion and you are paying for my time and companionship only. Anything that occurs between consenting adults is a personal choice between consenting adults and is in no way contacted for, or solicitation.
  • Please take a shower right before our date. Being fresh is important. If you’re coming to see me at my incall location and you don’t have an opportunity to shower beforehand, you’re welcome to freshen up at my location.
  • Present my compensation in an envelope or gift bag at the beginning of our date. Please don’t make me ask for it. It’s awkward.
  • Please don’t arrive early or late to our rendezvous.
  • Please don’t make loud phone calls in front of my incall. Please be discreet as I am always very thoughtfully discreet when I visit your place.
  • Be discreet! When we’re meeting in public, act like we know each other! Just two friends/lovers getting together for a nice dinner. But, don’t discuss anything about our arrangement or make it visually evident. Please don’t speak so loud that others around us- or even worse-case scenario, those across the room are able to hear.
  • Do NOT disclose the intimate details that you may learn about my private life/work/hobbies/home town etc. to third parties, by either private messaging on Review Boards or Public Forums.  Remember that discretion and respect is a two way street.
  • Be discreet, courteous and don’t forget to relax and I will bend over backwards to make sure we both have the best date imaginable.

This isn’t my first time

While you may have a way in which you do things with other lovely companions, please respect whatever I may ask of you. This includes personal information for screening purposes, requesting a date with me in advance, and being respectful throughout our correspondence. All pretty simple, right? Now lets plan our romantic escape!


Let’s be honest – traveling with a lover is so much more fun than traveling alone. Can you imagine going to a conference knowing that after each day of sessions and meetings, you get to go back to your hotel where a beautiful girl will be waiting? I know. Amazing. Or even better, having the opportunity to sail away to our own slice of paradise by taking a vacation together. I have a current passport and I’m available to travel with you just about anywhere. I’d love to accompany you!


As you can tell, I love California. It’s a wonderfully diverse state, beautiful all throughout. I’d be happy to visit you in a neighboring city of Los Angeles. I don’t mind driving up to two hours, but anything farther than that would require a flight. So, what do you have in mind? I’m thinking we can soak up the sun on the coast, go wine tasting in Napa, or cheer on a sports team of your choice while they annihilate their opponents.

Far Away

Would you like to whisk me away to the culturally and historically rich east coast? New York, Boston, and DC are all amazing bustling cities that you and I can get lost exploring in. And we can even vacation in beautiful Maine or cruise down the coast to the beaches of Florida. It’s nice to escape every once in a while.

In addition to below, I request that you cover all accommodation costs.

Distance with Additional Travel Fee

Distance: Minimum Date Required: Additional Travel Fee:
1 hour Drive 2 Hour Date package $100
1.5 hour Drive 2 Hour Date package $150
2 Hour Drive 3 Hour Date Package $200
Flight-West Coast 3 Hour Date  $600
Flight-East Coast 6 Hour Date $900







When I think of traveling internationally with a lover, I can’t help but fantasize about the adventure that awaits. I imagine roaming the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, start doodling Eiffel Towers as I dream of Paris, and attempt to learn Mandarin when I think of Shanghai. Let’s break out our passports and see what we can discover. Traveling together internationally is an intimate experience. Please inquire before planning our epic trip.

Fine Print:

A 50% deposit is required in advance for all travel in order to secure our trip. I’m not able to book a flight or schedule a road trip without a deposit. Also, to ensure that I arrive refreshed, I prefer to book my own flights on first class at least several weeks in advance. Last minute requests may incur additional travel fee. 


The best part – I get to hear from you. This is your opportunity to invite me to whatever you have in mind. Please fill out my Secure Booking Form entirely, and remember that screening is a must. It’s necessary for my safety and for both of us to feel comfortable. Once we get the details out of the way, it will be much easier for us to connect and get excited about meeting. Please know that I am always discreet and I will be the only person who sees your information.

While I’d love to spend time with lots of my admirers, I am not able to accommodate every request. I only have time for a few dates per month, and I prefer to be selective. I want us both to have an amazing time, and the initial introduction helps with gauging our potential for chemistry. Also remember that I have a career outside of this, thus I need advanced notice of your request (at least 24 hours). But, I will try my best to be more flexible for longer engagements and for gentlemen whom I have already had the pleasure of meeting.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Appointment Requests:
Secure Booking Form

If you are uncomfortable submitting your information via the web form, you are welcome to email me this information at Michelle@OhMichelleBelle.com

At a minimum, your email must include the following:
Full Legal Name with Middle Initial, Email, Phone Number, Requested Date, Preferred Time, Length of our Date, Incall (I host) or Outcall (you host), Location of Outcall (Hotel website link and room # to allow me to call you directly if more screening is required,) Two Provider Names and Contact Information such as email and their website links. Companions who you have visited within the last eight months, your work info (I will not call without prior arrangement with you on the cover story).

Please understand that emails that do not include all of the required information will be ignored, as will explicit
or inappropriate emails. Please refer to Etiquette page and FAQ page for details.



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